Game Dates 2020

20202020 Updated NiteHawk Airsoft Dates!

2020 Game Dates

 Updated 6/2/2020

June 6th C&C #3

June 26th-28th D-Day

July 10th & 12th
Night Game/ Day Game C&C #4

August 28th-30th 
Walk The Line VI

September 19th C&C #5

October 3th-4th WARHAWK II Milsim
"TRID3ENT" Milsim Game 

October 9th Zombie Night of Terror!
10th The Day After: 

November 7th C&C #6 Food Drive

December 5th Santa vr Grinch 
* Weather Permiting!!!!

2021 Game Dates

February 20th Season Opener!
C&C #1

March 6th Siberian Strike V

March 27th C&C #2

April 17th C&C #3

May 15th ,16th. Walk The Line VII

June 12th,13th. D-Day VII

July 24th C&C #4

August 28th C&C #5

September 18th SpaceBallZ III

October 2nd WARHAWK II Milsim

October 22nd ZDay Night game
23rd The Day After

November 13th C&C #6 Season End Big Game (Food Drive)

December 4th Santa vs Grinch!
****** Weather Permitting!*******
Game Dates could change! But more than likely not!!!